Your retirement is within reach

Understanding You

He was burned out!

Five years ago Russell Vance was a geriatric psychotherapist who thought he had many more years of work ahead of him, “But I was burned out,” he said. “Within 18 months, my wife, my mother and my father had all died. It wasn’t until…

The company’s retirement portal was frustrating.

Cassius and Valerie had saved and planned for their future, but as the time grew near, the company’s online retirement calculator just wasn’t cutting it. They needed to know if their retirement goals were really possible…

Your retirement is within reach

If you’re burned out or tired of staring at a retirement portal that makes no sense, let us help.

Your Path to Retirement

You spent decades in a successful career, put in the work, saved and prepared for the next phase of life, but you still have questions. Our 360 Planning Process will assure that your next steps are the right ones.

Phase 1 

Collect Data

Introduce Concepts

Phase 2 



Phase 3 

Implement & Manage


Your Story

Let Vector help you write your retirement story.

How will you spend your second half? Whether traveling the world and pursuing hobbies or spending time with family and volunteering, Vector helps fun, generous people transition from successful careers to significant second halves. Our 360 Planning Process will show you how to achieve your retirement, relax and follow your dreams.

To be inspired by clients who are already pursuing their second half goals, read their #VectorStories here.

Your Team

Jay Dryden, CFP®

Managing Partner

Jay's Story

Jay Dryden, CFP® — Managing Partner

The goal at Vector Wealth Strategies is always to provide you with guidance and assistance, as you transition from success in your career to significance in your retirement. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Jay’s goal is to use his expertise and more than 15 years of experience to provide you with guidance in wealth management and legacy planning. He has a particularly deep understanding of both why and how to incorporate philanthropy into your family’s long-term wealth transfer plan.

Jay is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, where he met his wife, Hilde, and currently serves on the FHU Board of Trustees. In 2012, Jay and Hilde established the Leadership Scholarship and the Genesis Scholarship with Freed-Hardeman. The Genesis Scholarship helps students whose families have never attended a Christian university, and the Leadership Scholarship was designed to allow Jay to become more involved and influential in the lives of juniors and seniors who share his same entrepreneurial spirit.

Jay began his career in finance in Huntsville, Alabama, while Hilde finished her marketing degree at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Jay and Hilde enjoy life with their son, Axl, daughter, Lorelai, and a tabby named Titan. They are members of Twickenham Church of Christ. When he is not working, Jay used to enjoy golfing, wakeboarding along the Tennessee River and traveling — but then they had kids. Now, he spends most of his free time playing chase, hide and seek or just wrestling on the floor, and he wouldn’t trade it for all the golf in the world.

Kelly Moise

Senior Partner

Kelly's Story

Kelly Moise — Senior Partner

The goal at Vector Wealth Strategies is always to provide you with guidance and assistance, as you transition from success in your career to significance in your retirement. Kelly and the Vector Wealth Strategies team go beyond the traditional financial advisor role. Before she worked in financial services, Kelly owned a gymnastics training center and coached nationally ranked gymnasts. Using her skills as a coach, counselor and mentor, Kelly is particularly gifted at helping you craft a clear vision for your retirement and developing the financial plan to get you there.

Kelly and her husband, Patrick, were married in 2002 and have three children — Chelsea, Kieran and Aimee. They enjoy traveling; and some of their favorite locations have been Paris, Dublin and southern Spain. They visit Glacier National Park every year and love hiking. Kelly also serves on the leadership council of the Women’s Philanthropy Society and the Irish Society of North Alabama where she helps plan the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. But if you think you are getting any of her special Irish cupcakes, think again. Those special treats are for authentic kilt-wearing men only.

Most recently, Kelly lost her mind, and over 75 pounds followed when she started competing in ultra trail races of distances exceeding 30 miles in a single event. This special level of insanity to sign up for such endurance races, along with a great nutrition coach from StrongerU, have helped her and Patrick to lose over pounds 130 pounds between them (roughly the current weight of their teenage son Kieran). She’s truly half the woman she used to be.

Joshua Jordan

Senior Partner

Joshua's Story

Joshua Jordan — Senior Partner

The goal at Vector Wealth Strategies is always to provide you with guidance and assistance, as you transition from success in your career to significance in your retirement. Joshua has
more than a decade of experience specializing in financial and estate planning, investments, wealth management and retirement planning. He will use that experience to help guide you through the financial planning and investment decision making processes that are integral to turning your second half goals from dreams into reality

A Mississippi native, Joshua is leading Vector’s expansion into the Magnolia state. He brings a servant-hearted approach to everything he does as a financial advisor, husband, father and deacon in his church. Joshua and his wife, Meredith, have an eight-year-old son, Miles, and a five-year-old labrador, Samson. The trio enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, swimming and kayaking. They also love cooking, music, traveling and attending sporting events. Much to Jay’s dismay, Joshua is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and a huge Ole Miss fan. But at least now between the Vector teammates, they’ve got you covered whether you say “Roll Tide,” “War Eagle” or “Hotty Toddy” — and to be clear, those are football references, just in case you weren’t blessed to be born in the SEC.

Nick Jackson

Associate Advisor

Nick's Story

Nick Jackson — Associate Advisor

The goal at Vector Wealth Strategies is always to provide you with guidance and assistance, as you transition from success in your career to significance in your retirement. We also work to ensure that your second half is secure even as our Lead Advisors consider their own second half life goals. Our Associate Advisor program was developed to train the next generation of talented Lead Advisors who will care for you and your family for generations to come. As a second year Associate Advisor Nick is taking a leading role in client meetings. He works closely with our Lead Advisor in not only developing financial plans and investment strategies, but in explaining and implementing them with clients. He also is continuing to study and work toward his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.

Already quite accomplished academically, Nick is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, where he graduated with a BBA in Finance and an MBA. While Nick was at FHU, he was involved in many extracurricular activities, including serving as a mission trip coordinator and as the Portfolio Manager for The Clayton Investment Team, a student-led investment portfolio of one million dollars. Nick is proud to say he was one of the first to go through the intern program at Vector where he learned more about the industry and how Vector serves its clients and the surrounding community. 

FHU is also where Nick met his wife, Mackenzie, who is a second-grade teacher at Madison Academy. Nick and Mackenzie are active members at the Madison church of Christ. In his free time, you can find Nick spending time with family, having fun on the golf course, watching whatever sports event is on, and rolling with the tide in the fall.

Marshall Dearing

Associate Advisor

Marshall's Story

Marshall Dearing — Associate Advisor

The goal at Vector Wealth Strategies is always to provide you with guidance and assistance, as you transition from success in your career to significance in your retirement. We also work to ensure that your second half is secure even as our Lead Advisors consider their own second half life goals. Our Associate Advisor program was developed to train the next generation of talented Lead Advisors who will care for you and your family for generations to come. As a first year Associate Advisor Marshall’s role is to listen and learn. He attends client meetings to help the Lead Advisor take notes, create follow up tasks and delegate work to the service team. He then works behind the scenes with the Lead Advisors monitoring investments and drafting financial plans while he continues to study and work toward his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.

Already quite accomplished academically, Marshall graduated from Freed-Hardeman University with a BBA and MBA in Financial Planning. As a student, Marshall was honored to serve as the Portfolio Manager of the student-led Clayton Investment Team while also balancing involvement in numerous on-campus clubs and being named Homecoming King and Mr. FHU. Marshall fell in love with Vector and the entire city of Huntsville through VectorNext as a summer intern in 2019. 

It was at Freed where he met his wonderful and talented wife, Emma who is now a Registered Nurse at Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children in their Mother/Baby unit. At home, Marshall and Emma enjoy cooking together, having friends over, and playing with their massive and clumsy German Shepherd, Mina. Marshall loves to golf any opportunity he gets and also enjoys playing music, and according to Jay, with a little practice he could be the best  wakeboarder on the Tennessee River. Marshall feels blessed to be part of a family of people invested in loving and serving others.

Dana Jones

Lead Relationship Manager

Dana's Story

Dana Jones — Operations Manager

If you have spent any time around the Vector team, you know that Dana Jones has always run the show. As a Lead Relationship Manager, she primarily works with recent referrals and new clients as they are making the transition to working with our firm. Whether you are communicating with former employers to request a rollover or coordinating follow up for your financial plan with your attorney or CPA, Dana will liaise and facilitate appointments with the advisor team to provide you with the highest quality of customer service you expect and deserve. As a former caregiver for her mother and father, Dana understands the struggle that many retirees face as they become caregivers for their own aging parents. She is an invaluable resource when this inevitable fact of life comes to bear. With almost 20 years of experience in her role, she is also a key leader in developing the rest of the support staff and interns  as they learn to provide you with the level of service that Vector is famous for. 

Dana was born and raised in Morgan County, where she completed her AAS in quality control technology in 2001. In the past, she has volunteered with AMBUCS, an organization that provides physical therapy to individuals with handicaps and wounded veterans. Presently, she is serving on the board for United Way of Lawrence County. Outside of work, she enjoys painting, and do-it-yourself projects such as refurbishing old furniture into new.

Josh Shoemaker

Lead Relationship Manager

Josh's Story

Josh Shoemaker — Lead Relationship Manager

As a Lead Realationship Manager, Josh will be your point person for ongoing account servicing. He helps prepare the advisors for your plan review meetings and handles important details, like investment withdrawals— getting the money you’ll need for that retirement cruise you have been looking forward to all year. Trained as a minister in college, he has an outstanding level of patience and understanding to help you work through the most tedious of service needs. When your CPA calls asking for last minute tax documents you forgot to turn in, you’ll be glad for Josh’s calm demeanor and efficient expertise in quickly finding exactly what you need.

Josh grew up on his family’s farm in Greenhill, Alabama. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Freed-Hardeman University in 2009 and soon after married Britney. They live in Hazel Green, Alabama, with their cat, Zeke. They are members of the Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, where Josh and Britney are heavily involved in leading the Celebrate Recovery ministry and also serve as a life group leaders. When he’s not at work, Josh is an accomplished fitness instructor and also enjoys traveling with Britney.

Christine Baker

Associate Relationship Manager

Christine's Story

Christine Baker — Associate Relationship Manager

As an Associate Relationship Manager, Christine will be your point person for much of your ongoing account servicing needs. She helps the advisors with scheduling and many of the follow up tasks from your meetings. She also handles important details for you, like beneficiary changes and investment withdrawals— getting the money you’ll need for that special event you have been looking forward to all year. With nearly eight years’ experience as a server and manager in the restaurant industry, she has a gracious demeanor and understanding of customer first service that you expect and deserve.She enjoys going the extra mile and will follow every project through to the end.

Originally from Northern Illinois, Christine relocated to North Alabama in 2003. Her and her pit-mix, Star, live in Downtown Huntsville. Outside of work, she enjoys spending her time traveling and loves kayaking, camping, and snowboarding.

Hilde Dryden

Marketing Coordinator

Hilde's Story

Hilde Dryden — Marketing Coordinator

Also known as the coordinator of fun, Hilde uses her UAH Marketing degree to make sure you enjoy the relationship with Vector Wealth Strategies. Besides managing the bookkeeping for the office, Hilde plans the parties and events that are a big part of who we are at Vector Wealth Strategies. From the referral party in the spring to our casino night fundraiser in the fall, Hilde helps you connect with the team socially to strengthen and build long-term relationships that go far beyond the numbers.

Hilde began her education at Freed-Hardeman University. After she married Jay in 2001, they moved to Madison County where she continued her education at UA Huntsville, graduating in 2003. They are members of Twickenham Church of Christ in Huntsville, where she is involved with the ladies’ ministry. She is also a perennial Tour of Champions qualifier for her work with the Walk MS Huntsville fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. To date, her MS team has raised over $130,000 for patients like Hilde who suffer from MS.

Outside of the office, Hilde used to enjoy playing with the ladies’ golf groups at the Ledges Country Club and Valley Golf. But in 2015 Hilde and Jay welcomed their son, Axl, into the world, with daughter, Lorelai, following in 2018. So, most of her free time is now spent hiding in her closet with her favorite box of cookies — you other moms know exactly what that’s all about.

Jackie Kelly

Business Manager

Jackie's Story

Jackie Kelly — Business Manager

Jackie Kelly joined our team in January of 2020. As our Business Manager, she primarily works behind the scenes supervising and managing the daily business operations of the firm to ensure that the company stays aligned to meet our goals. Jackie had a background in banking before moving into the Defense Contracting Industry where she spent over 14 years supporting both employees and contract customers. In 2013, she left to spend more time with her family where she found a new love of portrait photography.

In 1998, she married her sweetheart, Shawn and they have two amazing children, Tyler and Kaitlin. Jackie and her family attend Twickenham Church and she is involved in the Ladies Ministry as well as the Vision Council. In her spare time…OK, she’s a mom so let’s be honest, she has no spare time. But, when not carting kids to sporting and dance events she loves to do art projects with her daughter, hike and take pictures with the family, and play outside with their two dogs, Lucy and Zoe.

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Village of Promise Grant

Congratulations to our latest grant recipient, Village of Promise! Established in 2011, Village of Promise (VoP) evolved into a Family Advancement Center with educational...

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Athens State University Grant

Vector Wealth Strategies is pleased to announce that Athens State University is one of our most recent grant recipients!   Athens State University is the premier destination for...

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