At Vector Wealth Strategies, we believe in finding team members, not hiring employees. You could go get a job at some publicly traded firm, but like the stock market, you’re just a number there. We are always looking for fun, generous people who are passionate about helping others in the pursuit of their second half. This isn’t a place where you just have a job, but it’s an opportunity to build a career. You have value here and just like our investments for clients, we want to help you grow.


Full-time and Part-time positions

[No positions open at this time.]




Interested in a career in financial planning?  Check out this video and ask about attending our event this fall or apply for an internship below!

Want to know more? Click the link below and see how working with our team at Vector Wealth Strategies can help you reach your goals!

We care about your online safety and encourage you to proceed with caution as you respond to any job opportunities. 

Vector Wealth Strategies will never:

  • Ask potential hiring candidates for any monetary requests as a condition to be interviewed and/or employed. If anyone asks for that, be wary.
  • Conduct business in open chat systems like Google Hangouts or Facebook
  • Ask potential candidates to purchase equipment for our company