For Life Ministries

For Life Ministries was awarded $5,000 from the Vector Wealth Strategies Community Impact Fund in October 2018. Recently, we followed up with Jennifer Morgan, director of Love One Madison County (a For Life Ministries program), to see how the grant was used.

“The grant funds will be used for educational scholarships,” Morgan said. “The families currently in our program can apply for an educational grant to help cover the cost of tutoring, after school activities, counseling, job training for the parent and more. The family is responsible for paying 10 percent of the funds requested, and all funds will be paid directly to the organization instead of the families. We will later follow up with them to see how the scholarship impacts each family.”

The mission of For Life Ministries is to relationally invest in their brothers and sisters in Madison County by educating, equipping and empowering the families being served.

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