Community Impact Fund Recipients

Lincoln Village Minstry

Lincoln Village Ministry (LVM) was awarded $3,500 from the Vector Wealth Strategies Community Impact Fund in August 2016.

LVM was formed in 2002 to provide opportunities for improved living conditions, access to personalized education and enrichment and general aid to the Lincoln community. LVM’s vision is that the lives of all families and communities would be redeemed and transformed by the power of Christ and through the body of believers.

Recently, we followed up with Alison Trefry, development director at LVM, to see how the grant was used.

“The grant was used by the ministry to help advance the mission to transform lives for Christ,” Trefry said. “Fifteen years ago you would not have walked through the Village neighborhood, especially after dark,” Trefry said. “Through the Lord's faithfulness it is now a picture of redemption. It is a clean and safe neighborhood where children play and neighbors visit. Dignity and pride have been restored, and families are breaking chains of generational poverty.”

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