Vector is pleased to announce the final grant recipient for 2020, Safe Harbor Youth!

Safe Harbor Youth (SH) is a transitional home and support program for young adults, ages 16 to 22, who have been homeless, abandoned, trafficked and at risk. SH provides tools and resources to help them overcome the immeasurable trauma they have survived. Safe Harbor Youth takes many steps to help these individuals get back on their feet, which include assisting them in obtaining their proper legal documentation and providing them with housing. The staff and volunteers also provide money management education, transportation, application assistance, and education enrollment. All of these things help the young adults transition into being healthy and thriving members of society. In just four short years, Safe Harbor has been able to provide assistance to more than 70 young adults through their transitional living program. Thanks to Lynn Caffery, the founder of Safe Harbor Youth, and the staff and volunteers, this home is full of support and endless love for those who enter its door.

We are proud to partner with an incredible organization. Please check out this and the other ways we are giving back to our community at!